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    For all of you a/w peeps


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    For all of you a/w peeps Empty For all of you a/w peeps

    Post by flyy on Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:48 am

    I joined, so should you gays!

    Majorly Insane Amateurs is hosting their first set of Quake 3 Arena tournaments set to begin in September. The tournament includes two gametypes: 1v1 Duel Cup and 2v2 TDM Cup. Both tournaments will have their branches of physics in standard VQ3 and CPM modes. You may sign up for both the Duel and TDM Cups, but it is not wished upon the admins for players to sign up in both modes. The rules are as follows:

    All matches before semifinals and finals in both the Lower and Upper
    brackets are to played in a Best Of 3 Games format, while the semifinals
    and finals are to be played in a Best Of 5 Games format.

    The higher seeded player chooses heads or tails, then the lower seeded player types the following command his/her console, "/callvote random 2". The winner of the coin toss eliminates a map first, then waits for the other player to eliminate. The maps are then picked with the winner of the toss picking, then vice-versa. In the semifinals, and Grand Final, there is no elimination method.

    The tournament bracket is in a Double-Elimination format. If you lose in any match aside from the Grand Final, you go to the losers bracket for a second chance. After that, you are done with the tournament.

    There is to be absolutely NO hacking, no spamming (to a degree.. if you hit a movie shot, it's ok), and no disrespect to ANYONE in or out of the server. Good sportsmanship is REQUIRED in order to play in this tournament!

    -MIA Coordinators

    You may view the tournament rules and map pools on the tournament forum at http://miaforum.tk/

    Registration and sign-ups are required for all participants. Good luck and remember to have fun!

    A Quake 3 install with all required maps/clients for this tournament is
    available for download here:


    Disclaimer: This install is to only be used for this specific
    tournament. If you use it for matches outside of this tournament, you
    are breaking the law! (but I wont tell if you don't tell)

    BTW!! This is 1.32 mod.
    If you need help setting 1.32 up just ask me or crunk and we will help

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    For all of you a/w peeps Empty Re: For all of you a/w peeps

    Post by Sp33d on Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:28 am

    ill rape shit.

    For all of you a/w peeps Speednigger

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