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    Post by prodigy on Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:30 am

    .its' TRIAL SYSTEM


    Do you want to join .its'? Then please take your time and read this page, because we want you to be sure about joining our clan. It will not be easy to get into this clan, because you have to not just be skilled, but you have to get along well with other members. We spend a lot of time out of the arena, chatting here in the Forums, on Xfire and on Ventrilo. We have a lot of fun because we all have become very close friends and we are all in this clan till the end. So for us it is very important that you as a person fit into this group. Another point is loyalty. We want this to be your final home and only over time can we grow to trust your loyalty with us. These are the reasons why becoming a full member will take some time. It should be clear that shit-talking, complaining about loses and being disrespectful will not bring you far.


    Our Trial System includes different steps to become a full member. First off you have to apply to let us know that you are interested in joining. The next step would be the Trial time. This will take 30 days, because we have to analyze your good and bad qualities. It is possible that we may extend your T, if we aren't conclusive after 30 days. (If we do this, don't be disappointed or discouraged because it means that we "HAVE" taken an interest in you!)We want to see how you do with the team in the arena(your skills and teamwork). It is very important for us that you have a very optimistic attitude and that you always put the clan first. We have a lot of fun in and out of the arena; we are more than just a team. The main reason your T time will take long is, we want to see if you are loyal, and we also want to give you the chance to see if you really want to be a part of this family. If you stick out the 30 days and we decide that you fit in here, then this should be your last clan.
    On a side note, your 30 day trial will not seem that long seeing as you do get to scrim with us all the time. So time shall go by quickly, especially if you are having fun.


    In your Applicant and Trial stages you should be very active. Try to keep your topic as active as possible. We want to see as many screenshots and demos of you that you can supply us with. Try to practice with us and watch our scrims to learn our team tactics. Also watching other players demos and your own demos does help you a lot. You can pick up tricks from other players and see what you may be doing wrong just by watching some. We want to see improvement during your Trial time so you should do everything you can to improve; excluding downloading hacks (DUH). Ventrilo is also a big point, you definitely will need it, even if you do not have a mic.
    So please see this long time to become a full member as a chance for us to get know you more and vice versa. We also want you to be happy here and enjoy your time playing with us. So if you get inactive or decide that you do not fit here, please let us know.


    No other TDM clans permitted.
    No applicants allowed to scrim without permission of Leaders, Co-Leaders, or Captains.
    If there are more Trial members or applicants in a scrim than full members you must get permission from a Leader, Co-Leader, or Captains.
    NO CHEATING PERMITTED! Punishment involves -1 kickban.
    Speak ENGLISH


    So if you decide to try for .iTs' please post the following information:

    What names you used/are using in Quake III
    Real name
    Number of years playing
    Previous clans (reasons for leaving, kicked)
    Why do you want to join us
    A way to contact you (msn, xfire)
    How old are you?
    What game types do you play (CTF, A/W, TDM)
    Ex-hacker? If your answer to this is anything other than no.. Please be specific as to when, and provide a link to your drop topic.

    Add anything to help your cause (Screenshots, Demos.)

    ✓ If you lie in any of this points your topic will get locked.

    Good luck!

    If you don't know how to record a demo - read below:
    Type in your console

    /g_syncronousclients 1
    /g_record (...)
    /g_syncronousclients 0

    And when you want to stop record your demo - type:


    Thank you much for taking time and we wish you a good time here!

    .its' CLAN


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